Career History




Career History

Early Life

Becky Simpson grew up in a creative environment. Her father Dave Simpson is a professional writer behind such stage plays as Girls Night Out and Raving Beauties. Her mother Diane Whitley started her career as an actress, later moving into writing, producing and directing. It was therefore natural for Becky to follow in their footsteps and she has always had an interest in the arts. Becky has written short plays, stories, poetry and films; she took up guitar at 13 and now also plays drums and bass guitar as well as writing songs, and she had her first acting role at the age of 8.

Writing & Producing

Becky has been a keen writer since the tender age of 9 and it was only natural for her to study Creative Writing at University.

She wrote and produced her first film in 2010 - Thinking Straight, which was snapped up for several festivals round the world including London Independent Festival, Melbourne Queer Fesitval, Cannes Short Film Corner, Mix Milano and London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival.

Becky has written two feature films which she is keen to get into development. She enjoyed the experience of producing and would definitely venture down that road again, although she is also keen to try her hand at directing.

She has also written several treatments and first episodes for various TV dramas she is hoping to get off the ground. Last year she wrote a trial script for Hollyoaks and she recently took it upon herself to write a Sherlock script and a Doctor Who script, both of which she is hoping to use to try and get her further work in the industry.

Acting Successes

She was given the opportunity to play the role of Lottie in a radio adaptation of the Little Princess, which was produced by a friend of the family. Her parents noticed Becky had a talent for acting and asked her whether she would be interested in doing more.

Contacts in the industry were helpful and she had a string of radio roles, culminating in being offered the part of Spoonface Steinberg - the inner monologue of an 8 year old autistic girl dying of cancer.

The play, written by Kate Rowland and directed by Lee Hall was a 60 minute monologue for Radio 4 which caused a stir when first released in 1997. Becky was asked to attend the Talkie awards where she picked up the Best Radio Drama and Talkie Of The Year award.

Shortly after this success, Becky was signed up with Jane Hollowood Associates who began to represent her in the acting world.

She moved into television, getting guest roles on Always and Everyone, Peak Practice and Doctors.

Her biggest TV role was in See How They Run, a 6 part drama for CBBC about a family on the run from gangsters. Half the series was filmed in Australia - quite an adventure for Becky at just 12 years old!

Music Interests

At the age of 13, Becky took up learning guitar and began to develop a keen interest in music as well as the idea that her career could take a different direction. She pursued her hobby and began to write her own songs. Between the ages of 14 and 19, she was in a series of bands playing either guitar, drums or bass guitar. She now plays bass with rock n roll group The Wes Paul Band. Becky is also a keen songwriter, and as well as playing in the band she writes and records her own original songs.

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